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2 Things Your Home Absolutely Needs – Comcast XFINITY Home Security

Your home is arguably the place you spend the most of your free time.  It’s where you and your family live, you keep all your personal belongings, and host guests/family.  Needless to say your home is an important place and should be treated as such.  We have no doubt your home is comfy, and is probably your happy place, but we have a few suggestions.  We want to make your life at home a little easier, and for it to bring an even greater sense of security than it already does.  The two things we’re referring to are home automation and security!  So let’s break it down for you.

Home automation is relatively new.  Don’t let that fool you though as it’s been tried and tested by millions of homes and has had nothing but great feedback.  With tools like Alexa from Amazon, or Google, you can automatically complete tasks in your home by simply asking your device to do them for you.  Forgot to turn the lights in the kitchen off?  No problem, just let your device know to turn the lights off in the kitchen, and it will do it for you.  Another handy thing it can do is look stuff up for you, set reminders, order items online for you, and a whole myriad of other useful things.  Automating tasks in your home can do wonders for your stress levels and make your house generally a comfier place to live.

The other thing we think you need to look into is security technology!  Nothing, and we mean nothing is more important than feeling safe in your own home.  That sense of security can easily be stripped away with any kind of home invasion attempt or people with ill intentions hanging around.  Luckily it can also be gotten back.  With all the different kinds of security technology out there, it’s probably time you thought about investing in some.  There’s doorbells with cameras and microphones that alert you every time someone is at the door and can actually stream a live feed to you.  You can set cameras up around your house that can do the exact same.  Feeling safe in your own home is a necessity, we don’t think anyone can argue that.

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