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Get All In One Go: U-verse TV + AT&T Fiber + AT&T Phone

>> U-family All Included Package – Over 155 Channels
>> Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps
>> Crystal-clear digital home phone with local and nationwide calling

$75/month (Plus taxes,12Month Agmt.)
Limited availability in select areas. May not be available in your area. Call to check service availability.


Trying to keep up with all of your favorite series, TV shows, news, and more while using a cable TV provider behind the times is nearly impossible. With AT&T TV, you no longer have to worry about missing out on your must-see entertainment choices thanks to cloud DVR recording capabilities and a ton of other features that allow you to experience entertainment like never before.

AT&T TV gives you access to over 55,000 movies and shows on-demand even on the low-tier plan options, with that much content to consume, you surely won’t be bored anytime soon. It doesn’t stop there, AT&T TV also allows you to access 5,000+ app from the Google Play store right on your television, so your entire digital entertainment catalog is accessible with the click of a button.

For those interested in making the switch, you’ll be glad to find out AT&T TV offers an array of entertainment packages to choose from. So you can personalize your service to receive a tailored TV experience like none other.

AT&T TV Benefits & Package Options
Before we get into the various entertainment packages at your disposal, it’s important to note that all AT&T TV plans come with the ability to stream your favorite apps like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, and more. This gives you the flexibility to seamlessly switch between all of yor favorite programming without the need for separate devices.

With the universal search feature offered by AT&T TV, you can browse through all of your available channels in addition to 5,000+ apps, an on-demand video library, and more using your voice remote. A really unique feature of AT&T TV service is that you can connect any Bluetooth speakers or headphones directly to your AT&T TV console, for one cohesive entertainment experience.

Take a look below to see all of the entertainment packages offered by AT&T TV.

AT&T TV Service Package Options
• ENTERTAINMENT- 65+ Channel Options
• CHOICE- 85+ Channel Options
• XTRA- 105+ Channel Options
• ULTIMATE- 125+ Channel Options

Depending on which entertainment category is your favorite, each of these packages give you the ability to tailor your channel line-up so it meets your exact preferences. AT&T TV is simple and easy to install, all you have to do is plug and play, there are no difficult cable boxes to set-up or appointments needed.

Experience All-In-One Entertainment!
Before you sign-up for AT&T TV, you need to be aware of the fact that a 2-year contract agreement is required for all new service activations. However, with over 500 hours of available DVR recording space, access to the Google play store, 4k apps, and more, AT&T TV isn’t something you’ll be getting rid of any time soon.

If you’re interested in signing up for AT&T TV, check out all of the available offers and deals in your local area. AT&T TV gives you an abundance of entertainment options right at your fingertips!