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Benefits of XFINITY Home Security vs ADT

Protecting your home from potential threats such as burglars & thieves is more important now than ever before. Thanks to technology, securing your home has become more streamlined when compared to years past. Digital home security systems have swept the market at an astonishing pace being an alternative to attack dogs & metal fences.

The predominant digital home security system service providers on the market are XFINITY Home Security& ADT. The two providers vary significantly in terms of the services that they offer and pricing.

Below we’re going to detail the benefits of XFINITY Home Security vs ADT so you can begin protecting your property the right way.

Xfinity Home Security gives you the freedom of shorter contract obligations, this helps you save money if for some reason you’re not satisfied with the service. ADT contracts are for 36mos while Xfinity Home Security offers 24mo contract options, next we’ll look at price differences between each service.

XFINITY Home Security offers flat rate pricing; ADT offers varying price tiers depending on the type of service you’re interested in signing up for. One of the main benefits you get with XFINITY Home Security is the ability to seamlessly integrate your security system with devices such as your TV.

XFINITY Home Security allows you to save money on your light bill with lighting control functionality. XFINITY Home Security puts smart home integration into your hands with the ability to customize security options for ultimate safety.

These are just a few of the features that make XFINITY Home Security the optimal choice when comparing it to ADT. If you are interested in getting XFINITY Home Security for your home, go online to get more information about service availability in your area.

XFINITY Home Security allows you to take back your privacy with total control.


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