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Brightspeed Takes Over Several CenturyLink Lumen Markets

Recently CenturyLink/Lumen announced the sale of some of its parts from the local fiber and copper network, small business, wholesale, consumer, and other assets. The company that will be acquiring all these assets of Lumen is Brightspeed. It is a brand-new company aiming to provide its customers with the best quality internet service.  

Based in North Carolina, Brightspeed will now provide DSL internet services to 20 states across the Midwest, East Coast, and South. As a Lumen Technology user, you won’t have to worry about any plans, prices, or speed changes. You won’t be charged any extra fee as Brightspeed is not looking for any changes in the plans. 

But in the future, Brightspeed is looking to make some significant changes to become a brand of its own.  

For the ones who are curious to learn more about this, take over, keep reading on and learn new facts about Brightspeed.  

What is Brightspeed? 

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Brightspeed was launched in 2021. It is a newly set up dynamic company led by three former Verizon executives- Tom Maguire, Robert “Bob” Mudge, and Chris Creager. The company aims at providing its customers with smooth telecom and connectivity service.  

Bright speed is currently capable enough to serve 6.5 million homes and businesses. With around 4000 employees committed to help people round the clock, you will never have any major issues while dealing with them. 

Type of Internet service offered by Brightspeed 

Bright speed usually offers DSL (digital subscriber line) internet to customers. DSL’s popularity has been fading for a few years because of its slower connectivity. Still, it remains a reliable internet source for small towns and rural areas where you do not require advanced Wi-Fi.  

You can also avail the fiber internet service provided by Brightspeed. The only drawback of this amazing service is that it is available in limited areas. Brightspeed is planning to turn itself into a full-fledged fiber internet provider to counter this issue.  

According to Brightspeed executives, the company plans to invest at least $2 billion to provide 3 million customers with fiber optic internet across 20 states. They aim to complete the task over the next four years and offer internet packages ranging in speed from 200 Mbps to 2000 Mbps.  

When will the changes implement? 

Officially Brightspeed customers took over CenturyLink on October 3, 2022. Still, you can operate your account and fetch the required details using the CenturyLink login portal. You do not have to pay any additional amount as Brightspeed is not looking to change the package plans.  

In terms of any service interruption, CenturyLink is working with Brightspeed to make the transition as smooth as possible.  

What if a customer does not want to become a Brightspeed customer? 

The takeover happened for the entire states and regions of USA; therefore, individuals and households can’t opt out. You can transfer your service to some other provider, as you have the right to choose your telecommunication services partner. But all this can be done after the transfer is over. You will be required to pay a transfer fee to the provider and subsequently will be charged according to the new provider’s rates.  

For customers who have frozen their accounts on their CenturyLink service to prevent unauthorized transfers should know that it will be automatically lifted. Once the transfer is done, you can ask Brightspeed to freeze your account again to avoid any further issues.

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