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Centurylink® Directv Service Bundle

Centurylink DirectTv Service Bundle

CenturyLink DirectTV Service Bundle brings you a world of TV entertainment. If you want to access NFL Sunday Ticket at no extra charge, then can have it only from Centurylink DirectTV Service Bundle.

Now with CenturyLink DirectTV Service Bundle access real-time scores and stats. CenturyLink provides you the opportunity to access NFL SUNDAY TICKET on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. through our DirecTV service bundle.

DirecTV is Best for sports lovers

CenturyLink and Directv Service Bundle is best for all sports lovers. As it offers a sports subscription packages for every sports fanatic!

Access anything

With CenturyLink Directv Service Bundle you can watch TV anywhere. Directv lets you watch thousands of your favorite movies, TV shows and sporting events On Demand. Now it’s easy to access anything recorded on your DVR, with any mobile device. It doesn’t matter if you are just waiting in line at the DMV or on a tour, you will get all of your favorite programming with DIRECTV everywhere.

Variety of Directv Offers

Now be stress-free and bundle your CenturyLink High-Speed Internet, Telephone, and Directv service and get all of your home services in one place and on one bill. Just bundle your services and enjoy a better overall rate on all three home services. CenturyLink offers various packages of  Telephone, TV, and Internet Service.


Directv Benefits

  • MLB Extra Innings
  • NFL Sunday Ticket for sports lovers
  • NBA League Pass
  • 200 hours of HD programming
  • Genie in up to 4 rooms
  • NHL® Center Ice®
  • Record 5 shows at once


No need to miss your favorite shows now CenturyLink is here to help you out. Just sign up for DIRECTV, and access to one of the most advanced DVR systems ever. With DIRECTV Genie you can watch programming on any TV in your home, with a single HD DVR. As Genie allows you to record up to five shows at the same time, so each one in your family can enjoy TV on their own terms. With Genie you can store up to 200 hours of HD programming.

If you want to upgrade to the Genie in up to 4 rooms without spending any money, then just call CenturyLink now and have get DIRECTV® service.

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