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Running any successful business in today’s environment requires that you have a reliable and stable internet connection. Trying to find an internet service provider that can deliver fast speeds, 24/7 customer support, and one of the largest IP networks in the country used to be a challenge, however, it’s not anymore. Premier Business gives you the ability to integrate industry-leading connectivity services into the core of your communications infrastructure so that your business is always up and running.

With Premier Business, you have the ability to customize your connectivity plan based on the specific needs of your business. The benefits of using Premier Business for your company extend far past reliable connectivity. Premier Business gives you the power to reduce your operating cost and streamline communication logistics thanks to a reduction in hardware dependence brought on by the services’ innovative software-driven dedicated IP network.

There are few competitors that can match the level of support, ongoing maintenance assistance, speed, security, and up time that Premier Business delivers. Premier Business can also help you seamlessly integrate cloud access into your infrastructure for more forward-thinking application performance.

Continue reading to find out about all of the benefits that Premier Business services can deliver to your business.

Premier Business gives you the ability to choose how you want your business to stay connected. There are two connectivity offerings from Premier Business which are standard internet and Ethernet. Each of these services are designed to provide tailored benefits in accordance to the specific needs of your business.

Take a look below to see some of the main differences and features between Comcast Premier Business internet & Ethernet services.

Comcast Business Internet

Premier Business internet delivers gig-speeds with unlimited data and around the clock customer support to ensure your business remains connected. You can choose from three different Premier Business internet service options, each of them delivers various speeds which is something you’ll need to consider.

Premier Business has several internet packages available:

Small Business Internet

  • Connectivity speeds of up to 100 download/15 Mbps upload
  • Perfect for small business who don’t consume a lot of data

Multi-device internet

  • Connectivity speeds of up to 200 download/20 Mbps upload
  • Great for businesses who utilize multiple devices and need a network to support their growth

17+ Device Internet

  • Connectivity speeds of up to 1 Gig download/35 Mbps upload
  • Ideal for businesses that use more than 17+ devices at one time on their network 

One of the unique features of Premier Business internet services is that you can add-on specialized network services to help boost your existing connectivity speeds and accessibility. Premier Business also offers a 30-day money back guarantee so you can get your money back of the services don’t meet your expectations.

Here are the details of the various Premier Business add-ons available:

Business Backup Internet and Power 

This backup  add-on gives you the ability to keep your business running even when the power goes out. With this add-on, you can enjoy benefits such as: automatic 4G LTE connectivity that activates during power outages, battery backup that delivers up to 8 hours of power, and you can add this feature to any Premier Business plan.

 Professional Wifi

The Professional Wifi add-on is perfect for those businesses who offer free hotspot access to their customers. With this add-on, you’ll be able to monitor your customers web surfing analytics in addition to much more. Here are the features offered by the Professional Wifi add-on: Wi-Fi management capabilities, customizable splash pages that can help you promote your business, and guest insights/analytics.

When you make the switch to Premier Business, all of these innovative and powerful features will be at your fingerprints.

Comcast Premier Business Ethernet Service

For business owners that need high-performance connectivity capabilities, Premier Business Ethernet is just what you’ve been waiting for. Premier Business Ethernet services are designed to deliver powerful growth opportunities and drive application performance that is unmatched in the industry. When you sign up for Premier Business Ethernet, you will gain access to a wide array of valuable resources that can help you make your businesses’ data infrastructure more secure and reliable.

Here are some of the Premier Business Ethernet packages available:

Dedicated Ethernet Internet

  • High capacity internet connectivity that is backed by a set of business enterprise features
  • Reduction in IT costs due to the reliability of Premier Business Ethernet
  • Expansion in circuit capacity for businesses that run a lot of high-volume applications and bandwidth-intensive programs 

Comcast Ethernet Network Services

  • Fully-meshed network topology delivers superior availability for all of your business locations
  • Heavy data transfer support
  • Data archiving
  • VoIP capabilities
  • Integrate your own VLAN w/o coordination with Premier Business
  • ERP systems
  • High-bandwidth application support
  • 10Mbps-10Gbps transmission capacity range 

Ethernet Private 

  • Dedicated point-to-point connection capabilities between two remote sites
  • Connect to a remote network system or site without the need for protocol conversion equipment
  • Mainframe Mirroring
  • Disaster recovery applications
  • Storage area network

 Premier Business Ethernet also gives you the ability to add-on specialized services to further enhance your connectivity. With the Distributed Denial Mitigation service, your virtual business infrastructure will be protected from attacks on a consistent basis thanks to phone & email alerts sent when a threat is detected.

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Comcast Business Smart Office ?

If you want to keep an eye on your organization when you are not there, Comcast Business Smart Office is a one-stop solution. This smart video surveillance technology works flawlessly to administer everything that is happening inside your organization as well as keep you connected, improve decision making, and capture guests/customers/employees’ insights. In addition, with the Comcast Business security system, you can get 1080p HD cameras, crystal-clear images, Cloud-based access, Motion detection analytics, a Customizable welcome page for business promotion, and much more.


Say goodbye to your worries about what may be happening behind your back in the office. Now you can view every step taken – even those outside exteriors with surveillance footage.


Why you choose Comcast Business Security?

Comcast Business Security comes with advanced features, making it secure and one of the best options. Here are some:


  • Crystal-clear images from 1080p HD cameras(with 20x zoom, night vision, wide-angle view and motion detection capabilities)
  • Secure and accessible cloud storage.
  • Advanced video features: pause, zoom, review, rewind, search, and more.
  • Get up to 60 days of storage with Cloud-based access.
  • Two wifi networks for your employees and guest with their insights and analytics.
  • Live and recorded access to footage via a desktop browser or smartphone app.
  • Customizable welcome page for business promotion.


Hence, with the SmartOffice solution, you can monitor your organizations more closely, and no one can enter without being seen. Besides, a 24/7 live feed will monitor all activity inside!

For all of your businesses’ telecommunication needs, Comcast Business phone services have got you covered. With Premier Business Phone, you will be able to enjoy advanced communication features and hassle-free installation all while being back by one of the nation’s largest wireless communications network.

Comcast Premier Business Phone services come in three packages:

Basic Phone Service

  • Caller ID
  • Requires 1 full features line
  • Unlimited local calling

 Full Features Line

  • Online portal for enhance feature management
  • Directory listing in both the Yellow & White Pages
  • Unlimited nationwide, local, and long-distance calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Hold
  • Call Waiting
  • Speed Dialing
  • Call Transfer
  • Caller ID

 Premier Business Advanced Phone System

  • Take your business call on any mobile device
  • Automated Attendant
  • Hunt Group
  • Readable Voicemail
  • Premier Business app compatibility allows you to manage your phone calls from anywhere in the world

 All of these advanced phone features give you the ability to streamline your business communication network so that you will never have to worry about being left out of the loop. Comcast Business phone service also puts the reliability and versatile functionality of business-grade phones in your hands.

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If you own an entertainment centered business or if you’re in the hospitality industry, providing your guests with premium entertainment is an integral part of the consumer experience. Comcast Premier Business TV services are designed for all sorts of different businesses such as motels, fitness centers, retail shops, and more.

Comcast Business TV is optimized to deliver a comprehensive entertainment experience. With Voice Remote, you have the ability to change the channel, surf the guide per your customers request, and more all hands-free.

Here are the various Premier Business TV packages available:


  • Local broadcast networks like: CW, FOX, CBS, NBC, & ABC
  • Up to 35 channel options
  • Government & Education Channels


  • Local broadcast networks like: FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, & CW
  • Up to 50 channel options
  • A mixture of general interest channels, family channels, & news channels


  • Local broadcast networks: NBC, ABC, FOX, CW, & CBS
  • Popular cable networks: MTV, ESPN, TNT, USA, FX, Food Network, CNN, & more
  • Up to 80 channel options
  • A mixture of family, general interest, and news channels


Integrating Premier Business TV can help you provide you customers with a sense of comfort and warmth while also allowing them to catch up on current events which they may have missed.You also have the ability to personalize your Premier Business TV plan with special add-ons that enable you to elevate the entertainment experience your customers receive.


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Comcast Wifi Internet ?

Whether your business is based in rural or semi-urban location, you need a redundant failover solution to meet your internet service requirements. Comcast Business WIFI internet is an all-in-one internet service designed to support the demanding internet needs of businesses. You get high speed and connectivity Security and seamless communication options.


We use the fiber cable network to offer you high bandwidth and more channels than broadband to provide stable connectivity all the time. So that our users receive high-speed connectivity for your workstations and mobile devices


Why you choose Comcast Business WIFI Internet?

Comcast Business WIFI Internet is your trusted service provider for all your internet needs. Here are the benefits your business gets with our business WIFI internet services:


  • Option to set and manage WIFI networks for employees and guests
  • Assign bandwidth limits to your networks
  • Customized business wifi products
  • Restrict access to unwanted sites
  • Internet speed up to 10 Gigs
  • Enhanced Security
  • Diverse network with 140,000 miles of fiber cable
  • Seamless connectivity during Power cuts 
  • Internet backup for uninterrupted work.
  • Flexible pricing plans for small and medium businesses
  • 24 x 7 Customer Support 


Don’t wait! Upgrade your business internet with the Comcast Business WIFI to get high speed and connectivity with 100 % reliability with a trusted partner. 

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Premier Business Internet & Phone services vary in price depending on your location and selected package. You can find special promotions and service offers for your area by Requesting Quote for your business.


The fastest speed available across all Premier Business Coax Internet plans is 1,000 Mbps. With dedicated Ethernet services speeds up to 10 gigabytes are available, however high-speed internet services are restricted by location. You will need to see if the fastest speeds are available in your area by Requesting Quote.

Yes, Many Premier Business services require you sign 12-36 month contract before activation of your service plan. In the event that you need to cancel your contract, you will be charged an early termination fee.

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Premier Business internet, phone, TV, & Ethernet services can keep up with the demands of businesses across all industries. You no longer have to worry about your business falling behind due to unsecured network infrastructure or outdated wireless transmission protocols. Premier Business services are backed by unwavering support & reliability to ensure that your business is prepared to move into the future.

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