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Aside from revenues, security is another top priority in businesses. To secure employees, machines, inventories, and other assets, storefronts and office buildings require surveillance and security systems. Burglars are attracted to devices, such as computers, but your company’s records and data are just as important.

But, here’s the good news — technology has become more advanced than ever, making almost anything possible. Back in the nineties, who would have thought that it would be possible to switch off lights when you are hundreds of miles away from the location? When you are out of the office, there are various methods to keep in touch with your business. With these remote monitoring strategies, you can handle the burden of managing your business from a different place.

Advantages of Having a Monitoring System in Businesses

Businesses should always have 24/7 security and monitoring. However, some small businesses cannot hire additional personnel. Luckily, technological advancements can answer your problem. Remote video monitoring is available through Comcast’s SmartOffice service. As long as you have a connection to the Internet, Smart Office technologies help to access a live stream of the office or store using your mobile device. According to the organization, SmartOffice allows company owners to capture, store, view, and share security footage 24/7 to keep track of their operations. It is properly installed and offers 24-hour customer assistance. Smart Office enables safe storage space online and easy access through mobile devices.

It is critical to know which gadgets, equipment, and connections should and should not be linked to your company’s servers, so verify that you can keep track of all of them. If a new device joins the system where it shouldn’t be, you can shut it down from your mobile no matter where you are, with the help of Comcast Business Smart Office. You may also suspend the connection and reconfigure the connection and internet network password if necessary.

You can watch and stay updated on your company from any location, platform, or device. With SmartOffice, you can install 1080p HD cameras to ensure that you record crystal-clear footage. The cameras have motion detection, wide-angle view, and night vision features. And you don’t have to worry about being away from your office since you can still stay connected through a mobile app! It also has cloud-based access for up to 60 days of content storage, so you can look back and check the previous footage on your business site.

SmartOffice is already accessible in several cities, with intentions to expand it to all of Comcast’s coverage areas and countries soon. For a variety of businesses and sectors that need surveillance cameras to continuously record to keep an eye on clients, staff, or other third-party partners on the office or store grounds, Smart Office is a good choice for security and surveillance systems.


It may not be easy to run a company, especially when you’re not present in the workplace. Fortunately, whether you’re out of town or traveling across the other side of the world, modern technology can help you keep track of callers, clients, and visitors, monitor activities in and around the property, and even control the light switches. If you have a business and seek to install Smart Office and internet services at an affordable rate, Comcast Business Solutions Provider always got your back! Give us a call at 1-865-280-5011 or visit our website for a quotation!

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