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Welcome Xfinity® High Speed Internet, Home Phone, Home Security and TV service is available in Burlington WA

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Xfinity® is a leader in the internet industry for both it’s high speed and customer service. With speeds up to 1 Gig, it’s quite easy to see why. Our Service is super fast, always on, and very secure. Give us a call today to see if your home or business  address qualifies for service!

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Have you already experienced the Berry Dairy Days of Burlington, Washington? This is an annual festival featuring the history and agricultural richness of Burlington.It was established in 1937 making it the oldest festival in Skagit County. It is all about strawberry shortcakes and other delicious food treats, live music, watching outdoor movies and fireworks, and more. Satisfy your strawberry cravings and let the whole family enjoy all the fun-filled activities when you attend the festivity.

Did you know that Wall Street Journal once recognized Burlington as one of the fastest growing small town and best location for investment? This is why the Macerich Company’s Cascade Mall was constructed here in 1989. Burlington is also home to other public amenities for leisure, sports, and entertainment available for everyone.

Moreover, if you are an aspiring or already a resident of Burlington, be informed that Comcast XFINITY is available in the city. With Comcast XFINITY bundles, you can take your home into a new dimension of entertainment, communication, and internet browsing. Comcast XFINITY internet allows everyone in the house to connect to the World Wide Web with the fastest internet speed ever. Aside from internet, Comcast XFINITY also offers Cable TV services with a guaranteed clarity and ability to watch more from your favorite channels.

Comcast XFINITY Home Phone is also available in Burlington, Washington. Your voice calls to your family and friends are unlimited so why bother about how long you should talk, right? Make the most out of it and tell all those stories as if they are near you.

Hey, before you make a split-second decision, you might also want to hear about the Comcast XFINITY Home Security plan. This technology lets you monitor your home activities. It was designed with a smoke detector, motion sensors, window sensors, cameras, and more. You can also watch over your house from your device and receive alarms even if you are away.

Burlington is a small town with a potential to grow more in the coming years. Visit or call your Comcast XFINITY store now and subscribe for a Comcast XFINITY internet, Cable TV, Home Phone, or Home Security plan.

Call : 360-553-4106
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Burlington City In Washington

Burlington is a city in Skagit County, Washington, United States. The population is 8,388 as recorded by the 2010 census.
Hotels: 3-star
Weather: 7°C, Wind SW at 10 km/h, 98% Humidity
Zip code: 98233
Incorporated: June 16, 1902
Population: 8,768 (2016)

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