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Comcast Xfinity® TV

Want a better TV experience? Looking for more choices? Tired of the contracts?

A Comcast Xfinity Digital Cable lets you enjoy all the options you could ever want on your television. Beginning with plenty of digital channels, or get a mind blowing amount with the digital premier package

Get Great Programs With Comcast Xfinity Digital TV

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Keeping up with all of your favorite movies, TV shows, and content can be tricky with restrictive cable providers that limit access to certain channels behind a pay wall. With Comcast Xfinity Digital Cable TV, you get access to a premium line-up of channels and shows to keep you entertained without having to sign-up for individual subscriptions or expensive channel packages.

Whether you’re a sports fan looking to gain access to all of your favorite games or someone who likes to scroll through the guide to see what classic movies are being broadcast, Xfinity Cable TV has the perfect solution for you. On basic plans, you’ll gain access to 140+ different channel options in addition to the ability to watch all of your favorite content on various devices such as your smartphone, TV, or laptop.

Comcast Xfinity Digital Cable TV service is powered by X1 technology which puts advanced features such as voice control, DVR, music streaming, 4K Ultra HD and more.

 Experience Comcast Digital Cable TV & Immerse Yourself in Entertainment

Comcast Xfinity Digital Cable TV is available in four main package options, each of them gives you varying levels of access to all of the shows and channels you want most. With X1 DVR, you can save recordings of all the shows you want to watch in the event that you are unable to watch them live.

One of the unique features of X1 DVR is that you can start recording a specific show in one room then pause it to finish watching it in another one. You can also watch separate recordings in different rooms simultaneously, adding even more versatility to your Xfinity Cable TV package. The X1 Voice Remote allows you to control your channel guide hands-free, for future-proof entertainment that let’s you simply sit back and enjoy.

Take a look below to see all of the available Comcast Xfinity Cable TV plan options.

Xfinity Digital Cable TV Plans

  • Extra- 140+ Channels
  • Preferred+- 220+ Channels
  • Digital Starter- 140+ Channels
  • Digital Preferred- 220+ Channels

The Xfinity Stream App gives you the ability watch all of the channels and content available in your selected plan via your tablet, smartphone, or computer. With the Xfinity Stream App, you can also download all of your DVR recordings to watch them remotely even when you’re not at home. You can also add extensions to your Comcast Xfinity Digital Cable TV package such as Streampix which gives you access to past seasons of TV shows in addition to exclusive content.

 Get Xfinity Cable TV Today!

Installation of Xfinity Cable TV is hassle-free and straightforward, so you won’t have to worry about a long and tedious process interfering with whatever else you may have going on in your life.You can also sign-up for services like Xfinity Sports Zone to get live scores and stats for all of your favorite teams.

Streaming apps like Hulu and Prime Video are integrated into your Xfinity Digital Cable TV experience. If you want premium move channels like Showtime or HBO, you can add them individually to your plan. For those that want to sign-up for premium video and cable services offered by Xfinity, visit the official site now to find out more.

Comcast Xfinity Digital Cable TV service is the premier entertainment solution regardless of what you’re looking for!

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