Exploring Xfinity Home Automation and Security Solutions

Xfinity Home Security


2.5 million burglaries happen every year, and 66% of those burglaries are home break-ins. If you’ve been thinking about getting a home security system to help protect you and your family, you may want to read on to discover all the unique tools the Xfinity Home Security System gives you. Xfinity Home Security protects your home while giving you and your family peace of mind knowing you’re using one of the best home security systems.

Xfinity home security lets you build a customized home automation system with indoor and outdoor cameras, lighting, connected motion sensors, and thermostats. FBI research reports that 65.5% of all burglaries happen between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. when most people are at work. But wonder if you or one of your family members comes home and interrupts a burglary?

When do you deem the security risk as too much before you get a home automation security system? Read on to discover how you can deter crime in its tracks by having an effective, efficient, and all-encompassing Xfinity home security system.

Features of Xfinity Home Automation Solutions

If you want a home security automation solution that is all-inclusive, think about Xfinity™ Home Security. Xfinity™ Home Security is a one-stop fit for all security needs system. It uses the latest and greatest cutting-edge technology that controls your lights, sends out notifications, and has a thermostat with remote features that can be tweaked to your specifications.

Xfinity™Home Security integrated automation and scheduling are one of the many features you can customize to fit the needs of your family and home. There are other advantages of the Xfinity™Home Security system, and they’re listed below.

#1 – Continual and Constant Monitoring

You want to keep track of everything going on in and around your home, even when you’re not there. Knowing what’s going on in your home helps you feel comfortable about the safety of your home and family. Xfinity™ Home Security has connective features through a cross-platform smartphone with a web application you can pull up and access at your discretion.

The web application allows you to record, track, and maintain video footage of your home.

#2 – Alerts in Real-Time

The Xfinity™ Home Security software suite allows you to customize what alert settings you want. Most people want alerts in real-time because the average home break-in lasts between eight to ten minutes. By getting an in-app setting that allows you to configure your alerts to your smartphone or email in real-time, you have a chance the police may catch burglars or trespassers while they are still in your home.

#3 – Cell Phone and Battery Back Up

There may be nothing more important in a home security system, then having a good battery backup system. That’s because when you lose power, or a burglar cuts off your power, you may have no access to the outside world through your security system. You need to determine how your current home security system stacks up against a security system that has a battery back-up.

Xfinity™ Home Security makes sure its security architecture banks work even when you’re without power through its exemplary battery backup system.

#4 – Integration Through a Unified Platform

Xfinity™ Home Security has a unified platform that gives you seamless and easy to use integration to any other Xfinity system. It provides this access through the Xfinity™ Control system. The control system works from the app or through your Xfinity™ TV controls.

No matter what new application developments occur in the platform, integration always occurs seamlessly.

#5 – Customization

Many features of the Xfinity™ Home Security System that can be customized to meet your needs best. Once you decide what security customizations you need, a subscription package is put together that fits your budget while concurrently meeting the safety apps and features you want. Such negative criminal activity impact statistics, as listed above, makes it hard to understand when people don’t use home security systems in their homes.

It’s proven through statistics that homes without a security system are 300% more chance of someone breaking into it. Everyone deserves to have a home security system that not only makes them safer but also enhances their life through the system’s benefits and features. That’s how the Xfinity™ Home Security System home automation system works and, more importantly, why it’s so effective in providing security solutions for homes.

It’s always productive to educate yourself on what works best in home security systems because home burglaries occur in the United States every 13 seconds. That’s why its vital you know how to protect your home and family. Once you know what security system tools are available, you can provide security to those that mean the most.

Benefits to Xfinity™ Home Security System Automation

Xfinity’s security system provides WIFI cameras that are placed strategically throughout your home’s indoor and outdoor areas so they can be monitored and protected. Many people start with one or two cameras and add additional cameras as they feel the need to monitor other targeted areas in their homes. What’s more, you can access your WIFI home security system through its automation no matter where you are.

You can also monitor the cameras through any smart tablet, phone, or computer, which also provides a way to arm and disarm the security system. The Xfinity™ home security system also has motion sensors and detectors that alert you anytime someone opens a door or window unexpectedly. You can set the real-time alert system criteria to fit your needs best.

The Ongoing Benefits of a Xfinity™Home Security System

The FBI reports that the average loss per home burglary is over $2,000. Yet only 17% of all homes have a home security system. Xfinity™ Home Security wants to change that so more homes have security systems that help keep their property and family members safe and secure.

Xfinity provides a security system that integrates seamlessly with the XI entertainment system and other Xfinity apps so their customers can have effective home security that’s easy to learn and use. When you’re ready to protect your home and the people in it, the Xfinity™ Home Security system is easy to use and gives you 24/7 professional monitoring. Request an Xfinity Home Quote so you can learn about their certified monitoring station, which gives you uninterrupted security services.

You may not be able to stop a burglary from happening, but should you make it easy for someone to steal from you? Xfinity™ Home Security System gives you, your family and law enforcement the best crime prevention tools available.