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Discover the Benefits of XFINITY Internet versus AT&T Internet Service

For the high-speed internet in the United States, it would be better to choose among XFINITY and AT&T Internet Service as they both provide great benefits in comparison to other service providers. Though both have benefits of their own, choosing a particular one out of the two would depend on your specific requirement and which suits you more. Here are the benefits of XFINITY Internet versus the AT&T Internet Service:

Speed: In comparison to the AT&T Internet Service, XFINITY provides fast speed ranging from 10 Mbps to 150 Mbps with flexible packages. AT&T Internet provides speed ranging from 5 Mbps to 75 Mbps.

Connectivity: XFINITY provides connectivity via hybrid fiber coaxial network while the AT&T Internet provides connectivity via DSL and fiber networks. If you have got XFINITY Internet or AT&T DSL Internet, then you have to make use of your own modem and router. If you have got AT&T Fiber Internet, then you will have to lease out a router or modem for which you will be required to pay five to ten dollars per month.

Area Coverage: There are so many states where AT&T Internet services are not available like Arizona, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, West Virginia, Idaho, Virginia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and the whole Northeast except Rhode Island. There is only one state where XFINITY services are not available and that is Nevada.

Internet Plans: Both service providers offer different plans with different pricing ranges. If you want to buy a single plan with the fast internet speed, then it would be better to choose Comcast XFINITY. But if you are looking for bundle plans, then you will have to go with the AT&T services because AT&T has partnered with DirecTV and can provide its services at an affordable price.

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