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Apple Fine

France is taking apple head-on


France is taking apple head-on with a $27 Million dollar fine over the company slowing down its older iPhone models 

Starting in 2018, many longtime iPhone users began to point out what they suspected to be a deliberate attempt by Apple to slow down older model devices by way of software updates. Many independent tech experts and investigative journalists began performing tests to see if this theory was in fact true or if it was simply one-off incidents affecting a small segment of users with older iPhones. 


Well after tests concluded, it was found that indeed specific models of iPhones in particular older version experienced a significant decrease in their overall operating efficiency and performance after being updated to iOS version 10.2.1 or later. France opened its own investigation into this phenomenon by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption, and the suppression of Fraud which was launched in January, 2018. 

How France probed Apple 

On Friday, France’s consumer watchdog agency announced that it planned to fine Apple about $27.4 million dollars for purposely throttling the performance of older iPhone models. Apple itself has admitted that certain iOS updates actually slow down the processing speed and power of older iPhones, the company claims that this however is done to counteract common issues that aged lithium-ion batteries present. 


France’s watchdog found evidence that the iPhone SE, iPhone 6, and iPhone 7 are all affected by iOS software updated past 10.2.1 including 11.2 however owners of these phones were not made aware of this. Ironically, Apple ran a promotional $29 battery replacement program throughout the year 2018 which saw over 11 million iPhone batteries being replaced. 


What does this mean for the future of iPhones in France? 

Since France has slapped Apple with a fine related to the company secretively slowing down their older iPhone models due to “power management” efficiency and related issues, many people have been wondering what long-term effects this move will have on the relationship between France and the company. 


Well, in recent news it seems that the future is looking quite promising for French iPhone users as Apple has made a swift and decisive statement regarding the matter. 


Apple’s Response 

A company spokesperson for Apple said the following in a statement about the fines: “Our goal has always been to create secure products that our customers love, and making iPhones last as long as possible is an important part of that. We are happy to have resolved this with the DGCCRF.” As you can see by this statement, the company has resolved the issue with France related to its findings on consumer protection and will continue to offer it’s products in the country. 


While this is good news for iPhone users and French citizens alike, it still makes you wonder what else the company is doing behind a veil of secrecy that very few people know about. 

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