Ziply Fiber Internet & Home Phone service puts you in full control of your digital life and allows you to rely on one of the strongest networks in the country.

Staying connected in the 21st century requires a strong internet and phone service that you can depend on.

Ziply Fiber Internet offers multiple package options, each one is optimized for your connectivity needs and budget. With Ziply Fiber Internet, you don’t have to worry about paying useless overage fees for exceeding your data limit because all plans come with unlimited data.

Ziply Fiber Internet saves you money by locking in your service rate for 2yrs, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating bill prices. Ziply Fiber Internet offers FiOS by Ziply Fiber which is a highly reliable fiber optic internet connection that delivers optimal speeds.

For ultimate connectivity, bundle Ziply Fiber Home Phone & Internet services to maximize your digital potential. Ziply Fiber Home Phone offers unlimited calling in the US, Canada, and Mexico with basic voicemail services included.

Upgrade your Ziply Fiber Home Phone plan to receive digital voice & VoIP-based calling services. VoIP capability allows you to make calls over your internet connection for maximum security. Ziply Fiber Home Phone service comes with call waiting, caller ID name & number, voicemail, and more at prices that suit your budget.

With the Ziply Fiber Home Phone & Internet bundle, you get a line solely dedicated to your use. This means that you can call and surf the web as much as you want without worrying about sharing data with your neighbors.

Ziply Fiber Home Phone & Internet gives you access to industry-leading technology that powers a reliable network you can trust.

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