Ziply Fiber takes over Frontier Communications in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana and plans to expand Fiber Internet

A Kirkland-based private investment firm takes over Ziply Fiber ’ Northwest operations in May, closing a billion-dollar deal.

This new company is called Ziply Fiber. Though there is a change in the brand name on the bill, the television, internet, and telephone services will continue, according to Mr. Harold Zeitz, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He is the former president of Wave Broadband and managing director at Wave Division Capital. On the other hand, Mr. Steve Weed is the Chairman of Ziply.

The $1.35 billion deal was set in motion last May when Wave Division announced its plans to buy Frontier Communication’s operations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. The agreement has received all required approvals from federal, state, and local regulators.

Mr. Zeitz assures its customers with the most advanced fiber network combined with speed and reliability to offer refreshingly great service.

“There will be a smooth transition,” according to the CEO. “We realize how important the internet is, and even more important in these days and times. We’ve gone to great lengths to see that there is no disruption”, he added.

Ziply Fiber is one of the largest local telephone companies in the state and also provides TV and internet connectivity.  

Ziply plans to invest at least $50 million in the state to increase broadband coverage and support a statewide initiative to provide services such as 911.

The changeover comes as people everywhere are more dependent than ever on the internet. Amid a national crisis – the transmission of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), local, national, and international businesses, governments, and schools have moved to work and increase their presence online.

Ziply Fiber will start to provide its services, starting with 270,000 residential and 250,000 commercial internet subscribers that carried over from the Ziply Fiber deal. Ziply is bringing fiber to more than one million homes and businesses, many of which have been underserved for decades. Ziply is to connect everyone to the things that matter through making internet service simple, secure, efficient, and affordable. 


Ziply’s corporate headquarters will be in Kirkland, WA.