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Google building internet cable under Atlantic ocean

Google Building A Subsea Atlantic Internet Cable For Faster Connectivity Speeds

Google is stepping up to the plate as more people call for faster internet speeds worldwide by announcing their plans to build an underwater internet cable. According to details, the subsea cable is set to run through multiple major countries including Spain, United States of America, and the United Kingdom. This cable will be Google’s first new subsea internet cable connecting the United Kingdom and United States of America since 2003.

As per official reports from Google, the new cable will enable more advanced security protocols to be implemented than what is currently available over public internet connections. The entire purpose behind this move is to improve the functionality and capacity of various Google services like Gmail and Meet. 

The subsea cable will be built using a carefully thought out infrastructure that protects the network cables from damage caused by variables like sharks. Google decided to name their new underwater cable after well-known computer scientist Grace Hopper. Hopper gained her legacy primarily for her work on the first compilers and linkers. 

Continue reading to find out more about the new subsea cable. 

What it means 

You’d be interested to know that about 98% of the entire world’s internet traffic is routed through cables located at the ocean floor. The new innovative subsea cable utilizes powerful networking technology that integrates 16 fiber pairs. Google said in a statement that this new technology allows them to integrate a “significant upgrade to the internet infrastructure connecting the US with Europe.”

This also marks the first time that Google has made an investment in an exclusive subsea cable focusing on connectivity to the UK. Spain is also one of the intersecting locations for this cable, making it another first for Google. The project is expected to be completed fully by the year 2022. This is definitely great news for internet users all over the world as the new infrastructure will enable Google to further refine all of their services. 

What to expect 

International residents of the UK and Spain can expect a huge boost in the security and speed of available internet services too. In a statement released by the Vice President of Google Global Network Bikash Koley, the company reflected its objective behind the project by stating 

“Private subsea cables allow us to plan effectively for the future capacity needs of our customers and users around the world, and add a layer of security beyond what’s available over the public internet.”

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