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Home Devices with Wi-Fi Technology


Most users would only know that Wi-Fi is used to connect devices to the internet to browse the World Wide Web. It is actually just one of its uses. What if you will discover its many other uses? Will you be willing to invest more money to make your life easier?

The word Wi-Fi is a short name for Wireless Fidelity according to Wikipedia. It can either cover a specific range like homes and offices or the whole school campus and the whole city.

To make the most out of your home Wi-Fi technology, here are some of the devices that are Wi-Fi ready.

  1. Computers and Laptops – These devices are actually one of the first things to come into your mind when you hear the word Wi-Fi right? Although, not all desktop computers are built-in with Wi-Fi chips, there are still ways to connect it to the internet wirelessly like using flash drives.
  2. Smartphones, iPhones, and Tablets – another one of the most common known gadgets that are Wi-Fi enabled. You can connect these to access the internet or connect to other Wi-Fi enabled devices in your homes such as security devices and other monitoring devices.
  3. Televisions and Speakers– a wireless home theatremaybe the coolest thing when you love streaming movies from the internet through a wider screen. You don’t need to worry about loose connections and confusion on which wire should go where.
  4. Gaming Devices – Games consoles now also come with built-in Wi-Fi. If you still have that old one, you can just buy a separate adapter and attach it into its USB or Ethernet port.
  5. Thermostats –If you want to save energy, go for Wi-Fi enabled thermostats so you can program it to when it should turn on and off.
  6. Digital Cameras – Make file transferring and browsing easier and safer by using your Wi-Fi to connect digital cameras to your computers or other devices. No need to use wires or remove the memory card, also preventing damages.
  7. Showerheads – Do you love listening to music when you are in the bathroom? Why not try a Wi-Fi-ready showerhead with speaker?


There are actually a lot more home devices you can take advantage of when you connect your homes with Wi-Fi. Check out for Wi-Fi enabled plant-monitoring devices, weighing scales, bulbs, weather monitoring devices, and many more.

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