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How to Compare Different Internet Providers in your Area


With so many internet providers in the market today, it can be quite overwhelming to choose which company you should sign up with. Should you select the big, established brands? Or do you want to take a chance on the new players?

Here’s a tip. Before you start shopping, it is important to find out what you actually need using the measures below:

  • Number of users – Fairly easy enough. Are you the only one who will use the service or will the entire household share the internet signal? Consider this because the number of users and devices linked to your network will affect your experience. The more users, the higher bandwidth you might need.


  • Speed reliability – Do you require consistent speed at any given time or are you tolerant of fluctuations during high-traffic time frames? If you need a service primarily for work, seriously consider getting fiber connection, if available. If it is simply for home use, then cable internet connection might suffice.


  • Cost – Are you willing to pay for premium service or would you opt to save some dollars by signing-up for bundled services? Some companies offer to package phone, internet, and TV services in one. See if this works for you. Aside from saving from the cost, it’s way more convenient too because you’ll be paying for one bill only.


  • Support – Do you feel qualified to troubleshoot issues you will encounter or would you prefer to talk to or invite an expert who can attempt to resolve your concerns? Some companies offer inexpensive plans with limited support and some include it in their package for free. Make sure you factor in your technical know-how as well.

In the event a tie-breaker is needed, you can use this trump card:

  • Actual customer feedback – Check with your neighbors as to who their provider is and how their experience has been. Allow them talk so you can gather as many details as possible. Remember to veer away from simple yes or no questions only.

Save this for last because neighbors, helpful as they are, tend to rally for their internet service providers especially if they don’t understand the services included in their plan. If you start with this step before the other items above, you might end signing-up with an internet service company that may be good for them but not necessarily the best one for you.

Aside from hearing your neighbors’ feedback, it would be very helpful to read feedback from users in different places. Visit the internet service provider’s site or social media pages and do your own investigative measures.

Use this list as your guide when comparing the services offered by different internet providers in your community. It can help you see past the bells and whistles. What makes this list work is it focuses on you and your needs. It is also a fun activity to find out if you eventually signed up with your initial bet. 

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