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Importance Of High Internet Speed and How to Pick The Right Speed


The World Wide Web offers a vast collection of important services as well as resources that facilitate individuals to live conveniently and work seamlessly without hassle. An Internet Service Provider and a router are necessary elements that allow individuals to connect to the Internet. The ISP offers different types of Internet connection plans, each differing from the other in terms of speed, bandwidth limit, etc. Having a fast or high-speed Internet connection helps users out in multiple ways. 


Let us take a look at what high-speed Internet means, why having a high-speed Internet connection is important, and how users can choose the Internet plan of the right speed:


What is Meant by High Internet Speed and Why is it Important?


According to PCMag, Internet speed refers to or is defined as the amount of data or information that can be shared or transferred virtually over the web on a specific connection at a given time. A high Internet speed is one where the data-sharing process is extremely fast. 


There are instances when users do not know whether they have a high-speed Internet connection. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to determine the same. One of the most effective ones is to use a WiFi Analyzer, a tool that allows users to check details about their Internet connection, including its speed, issues, etc. Some of the best mac OS WiFi Analyzer include NetSpot, WiFi Explorer, iStumbler, etc. On the other hand, Windows users can opt to use Vistumbler, Wireshark, Acrylic WiFi, etc. 


Now that we know what high Internet speed means, let us take a closer look at why it is important:


  • It Helps Users Save Time


The faster the Internet speed, the faster users can access the required information. Here is an example to understand this better – If an individual is working on an academic project and requires watching video tutorials on the web, a high-speed Internet connection will help them view the content quickly and, in turn, allow them to finish their project within the deadline. 


In contrast, if the Internet connection’s speed is slow, it will take longer for the individual to access the information. Moreover, due to this, they may not be able to complete the project in time. Hence, it would be safe to say that an Internet connection with high speed helps users save time.


  • It Facilitates Seamless Communication


Having a high-speed Internet connection ensures that users are able to communicate seamlessly over internet-powered communication apps and platforms like Google Duo, Viber, Skype, etc. The faster the Internet speed, the fewer stutters and lags the user will experience, making their virtual meetings and conversations smooth and buttery. 


  • It Promotes Multitasking


There are times when users need to browse multiple web pages at the same time. Doing so on a slow and laggy Internet connection is not possible. However, if users have a high-speed Internet connection, they can easily multitask online, i.e., open and use multiple taps for various purposes such as watching HD videos, playing online games, researching, etc. 


How to Pick the Right Internet Speed? 


Picking the right internet speed when choosing an Internet connection plan is crucial because you do not wish to waste money by investing in an overkill plan offering lightning-fast speeds but do not want to get a slow and laggy Internet connection. 


Although multiple factors come into play when determining and choosing the Internet plan with the right speed, here is a closer look at two factors considering which any user can choose the Internet connection with the right speed:


  • Usage


One of the main factors that selecting the right Internet speed internet plan comes down to is usage or application. For example, if your work involves merely managing emails, browsing the Internet, answering calls, or attending meetings, you may not require a lightning-fast Internet connection. 


Getting an Internet connection featuring a speed close to 15 or 20 Mbps will be enough. However, if your needs include streaming content, downloading files, or other data-intensive tasks, going for a connection over the 100 Mbps mark will be sufficient enough. 


  • Total Number of Users


Besides uses, the number of users relying on or using the Internet connection is another solid factor that can help users determine the Internet connection plan they should go for. For example, if only one or two individuals need to use the connection for performing basic tasks, getting a plan with up to 25 Mbps of download speed will be enough. 


However, if 3 to 5 users require an Internet connection for data-intensive tasks such as downloading files, streaming high-quality content, etc., it would be best if they opt for an Internet plan offering around 150 Mbps of download speed. 


Choosing an Internet connection featuring the right speed is very important. Therefore, users should take time to figure out their needs and then opt for an Internet plan.

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