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In 2020 Is Access To The Internet A Human Right?

In 2020: Access to the Internet is a human right
We live in a digital world where things are becoming increasingly connected across virtually all industries. With the increase in internet activity, it seems as though access to the internet itself has not experienced the same rise. One political party in the UK is trying to change that with the upcoming general elections, the Labour Party has stated that they plan to give free internet access to all British households by the year 2030.

However, initiatives like this are not exclusive to the United Kingdom as many prominent technology companies such as Facebook have also launched similar initiatives like flying satellites in African countries to give residents in rural areas access to the internet at no charge. All of these initiatives are aimed towards reaching the same goal, which is broadening the scope of internet access to people all over the world who may be underprivileged or in poverty.

Social Impact
Many people from all walks of life now believe that having access to the internet is required to live a minimalist life. There are several factors that have contributed to this train of thought, one of the main ones being related to that of political rights. The internet plays a huge role in shaping the way we live our lives as a society, many see access to the internet as important as our right to freedom of speech, religion, association, etc.

Prior to the internet, society was on an even playing field in terms of how information was distributed and consumed. Mediums such as newspapers, publications, and written letters were the main forms by which people could exercise their political right.

Information Accessibility
With the advent of the internet, many of those people who previously used newspapers and letters to assert political force were left behind. Those who adapted to the times and began using the internet to express their political views garnered much more attention without having to do half the work.

The internet made way for communities to assembles around commonly held viewpoints and political associations without the need for physical internet. By doing so, the amount of information available to a person in one state versus another was significantly increased as now we’re able to send messages across the world in less than one second.

Breaking the Barrier to Entry
Because of all these factors, society is just now starting to see how much of a huge impact the internet has on the opinions of people and how they react to certain events. This is why the debate about whether or not access to the internet should be free is gaining so much traction. The push for internet connectivity to be deemed a “human right” has many complicated nuances that still have to be worked out.

One thing is for certain however, with more and more services going completely digital the world will experience a major technological revolution in the upcoming years.

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