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Internet And TV For Students: Which Providers Will Help You Save Money

The Internet is extremely important for students. Use the Internet to find material, submit assignments, download books for reading, and communicate with the teacher if you are studying at a college, school, or any other educational institution. Do not forget the entertainment function of the Internet—these are social networks and access to online television. But connecting to the Internet will cost you more money. Most students have a limited budget. Today, we have prepared a list of offers that will help you connect to high-speed Internet with minimal investment.

Which Internet Providers Offer Discounts?

Many ISPs have special offers for student clients. You may be offered discounts and participation in various promotions. We advise you to check with your ISP to see if they have anything to provide you. Moreover, study all the available offers on the market to choose the best option.

Restrictions in the available budget to pay for the Internet and television often lead to the student being forced to combine study with work. Sometimes there is no time at all for writing paper. If you need to write an essay, ask Edu Birdie paper writers for help. Essay writers have experience with assignments on any topic, including Canada writing. When working with such authors, you can count on getting good grades. You can combine work and study successfully without compromising your academic performance.


Xfinity is one of the largest providers offering cable internet services. The company has several exclusive offers that will be of interest to college and university students. The base rate plan for non-campus students is $55 per month. It is possible to add additional features at your discretion for an additional fee.

Please note that the special offer for students has a limited time. After the end of the trial period, payment will be charged at the standard rate. To get better conditions for using the Internet, a deal must be made with the provider for at least a year.

The company also offers special conditions for cooperation under the Xfinity on Campus program for students who live on the campuses of the following universities:

  • Boston University, University of Delaware;
  • Michigan State University;
  • Twin Cities University of Minnesota;
  • Vanderbilt University;
  • Yale University.

Another free Internet program is Internet Essentials. As part of it, students can connect to the Internet for $9.95 per month. Students participating in the following state assistance programs can take advantage of preferential terms:

  • NSLP;
  • Medicaid

Internet Essentials connects to the network at 50 Mbps.


Spectrum is an ISP where you can find discounted offers for students. The main advantage of preferential conditions is that the connection speed with the network is not limited.

One of the offers is Internet 100, which can be used by students who participate in the state Affordable Connectivity Program. The package costs $29.99 per month, but the state provides student compensation of $30. As a result, you can use the Internet for free.

The provider has another attractive offer—the Spectrum Mobile tariff plan. It allows students to access Wi-Fi hotspots that are located in different locations.


While other providers mainly offer discounts for university and college students, Frontier offers special discounts for students. Benefits can only be used for one year after connection. Moreover, the provider does not provide its services in all regions.


AT&T offers preferential terms of service for students who participate in the state SNAP program. As part of the $30/month package, you get a wireless gateway and 100 Mbps internet access.

Furthermore, the provider offers special programs for international students. They are free from the need to make a deposit and are also given discounts on long-distance calls.

Check Government Programs

There are several government programs in the United States that provide discounts on telecommunications services. Some programs are only available to students who meet certain criteria, like having a family income below a certain level. Here are some interesting programs;

  • $9.25 monthly internet discount. It is available to students with a combined household income of 135% below the federal poverty level.
  • The program is offered by the non-profit organization EveryoneOn. The company is partnering with ISPs to bring internet access to low-income families. Usually, it is possible to connect to the Internet for 10-20 dollars a month.


Learning at college and university is hard to imagine without the Internet. Many providers offer preferential terms to students and make concessions to their needs. Be sure to check out the available offers to save on these services.


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