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The New features of DirecTV Now Streaming TV Service

DirecTV Now recently introduced the newest feature of cloud DVR for incredible consumer satisfaction. Till now DirecTV kept entertaining its consumers through cable-free and satellite free TV channels. But with the addition of the Cloud-DVR feature, you get the opportunity…

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Cable vs. Fiber Optic internet connection

Since the innovation of the internet back in the early 21st century, modes of connections have evolved dramatically. As technology changes, faster, reliable and efficient internet connections are needed to handle the modifications. This has led to the creation of…

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Benefits of XFINITY Home Security vs ADT

Protecting your home from potential threats such as burglars & thieves is more important now than ever before. Thanks to technology, securing your home has become more streamlined when compared to years past. Digital home security systems have swept the…

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XFINITY Stream and XFI Advantages

When it comes to the best phone support for streaming your favorite sports nobody can beat Xfinity. They have over eight apps to help personalize your experience and to help you get the best value for your money so that…

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