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VPN Use Cases Beyond Security: Exploring the Unseen Benefits

The main reason to use a VPN is security. It’s true that encryption and IP address spoofing technologies help protect against various threats, DDoS attacks, phishing, MITM, data theft, viruses, malware, etc. However, VPN uses much more technologies that can be used outside the sphere of protection. We will help you learn how to get the most out of your VPN.

VPN Use Cases Beyond Security

What Can You Do With a VPN?

#1 Improved Privacy

A VPN also hides your IP address from the websites you visit, displaying an IP address assigned by your VPN service instead. These websites cannot determine your actual location, as they can only see the location of the VPN server you choose to use, which moreover can be set from your end. Thus, using a VPN allows you to conceal your true location, IP address, and online activities from potential prying eyes, such as your ISP, government, or network administrators.

#2 Improve Gaming Features

Multiplayer games cultivate a sense of belonging and provide an avenue for relaxation. Therefore, establishing a stable environment for these experiences is of utmost importance. When it comes to online gaming, a fast, secure, and reliable connection is crucial. This is where a VPN can come in handy, especially for those seeking multiplayer capabilities. A good VPN allows you to protect your connection and play with friends without the risk of hacking or third-party infiltration.

Almost all gamers like to watch Twitch sometimes. With a VPN for Twitch, you can achieve a private user experience. You can find instructions on how to stream privately on Twitch online and only communicate with your close friends on the stream. Also, a combination of VPN and Twitch will be useful if you encounter buffering while watching streams. But you must understand that you need good speed, many servers, and strong privacy features. VeePN has all this, you can start with it.

#3 Access to Websites with Regional Restrictions

If you are traveling abroad and want to access websites or services that are normally available in your home country but blocked due to country restrictions, consider using a VPN. A VPN can securely stream your favorite TV shows or sports games from your home country while you relax under a thatch umbrella on a sunny beach.

Using a VPN is also beneficial for remote learning and working because it allows you to switch locations and access work or university networks/intranet in restricted areas. A VPN helps you access files and websites, secures your browsing traffic on public networks, and protects you from third-party invasion and potential online malware.

#4 Bypass Dynamic Price

Using a VPN can enable you to secure cheaper vacation bookings. By leveraging different currencies and points of sale, you can access the best deals and lowest rates for your next getaway. To avoid increased flight rates based on search history, consider clearing your browser cookies or browsing in incognito mode. However, it’s important to note that prices may still vary among different countries.

#5 Prevent Data/Bandwidth Throttling

While surfing the internet, you might encounter an unexpected slowdown in speeds. A rapid decrease in your internet speed could result in buffering issues during your favorite show or disruptions during crucial Zoom meetings. Typically, this occurs when your ISP throttles your bandwidth to manage network congestion. Throttling may be targeted at specific websites and services, so if your internet provider cannot monitor your online activities, it may bypass throttling your connection. However, employing obfuscation could be advantageous in this scenario.

#6 Download Torrents

Torrenting presents various risks, and the ultimate protection against them requires the best antivirus. However, a VPN also plays a crucial role in ensuring your safety.

When you torrent, hackers and unsavory third parties can access your IP address since it’s exposed to everyone connected to the network. Additionally, ISPs are quick to throttle connection speeds upon detecting P2P activities.

A torrenting VPN effectively resolves these issues. It masks your true IP address, ensuring maximum privacy by keeping your data private. Furthermore, it encrypts your data, preventing your ISP from monitoring your activities and throttling your connection.

#7 Access More Games

Gamers find VPNs incredibly useful because they offer access to a wide array of games. By connecting to servers in different countries, a VPN lets you bypass region restrictions, bans, and unavailability of games. Take, for example, using a VPN to change your region on Steam, unlocking diverse game libraries exclusive to certain countries. Furthermore, VPNs allow you to get early access to games released earlier in specific countries, preventing anticipation from becoming unbearable.


VPN not only has protective functions, it can be used to save money, unblock content that is not available in your region, or private streaming. More experienced users use VPNs for all of the above purposes. However, in this case, you must have a good VPN that can cope with the filters of streaming services and sites for booking tickets or hotels.

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