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Windstream™ Internet vs Cable Internet

One of the first decisions that a customer makes before choosing an internet connection for their home concerns its type. There are many technologies that bring internet to the homes of residents across the country. Two of the most popular types are DSL and cable. While each one of these connections has their own set of pros and cons, knowing what is ideal for a home or for a business usually plays the deciding factor.

Cable internet had the edge over DSL connection until recent improvements in DSL speed and connectivity. Windstream internet is one of the most popular choices for a DSL connection, currently in the USA. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Windstream internet over cable internet:

  • No Shared connection: DSL connections from Windstream are not shared. Cable internet lines do not provide consistent download speeds due to the ‘shared’ nature of accessibility. Windstreamprovides download speeds that are very close to the numbers included in the promotions made by the company.
  • Modern-day DSL: DSL internet is a contemporary technology compared to cable internet. It comprises a sophisticated technology that uses copper wires to provide robust connectivity. Cable internet connections tend to use television infrastructure compared to dedicated channels to bring internet connectivity to the homes of residents.
  • Robust Rural Connectivity: Windstreaminternet is ranked highly for the company’s impeccable service in the rural areas. The company’s well-designed subscription plans and robust rural internet connectivity give it an edge over the limitations of cable internet in the rural areas.
  • Kinetic Gig: Itis also the premium provider of fiber net connections, a technology that far surpasses the quality of connection and data transfer speeds of both cable and DSL internet. The ‘Kinetic Gig’ internet plan from Windstreambrings the superfast connectivity speeds of fiber net to the homes of consumers. With up to speeds of 1gbps, Windstreamemerges as one of the key service providers in this niche.
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