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Four Ways to Protect Your Home from Intruders or Looters During a National Emergency

The United States was declared under a national emergency as a sweeping action to stop the spread of the coronavirus. With more people losing job opportunities and sources of income as a result of business closures, many turn into crimes such as looting.

To keep your home protected from these intruders or looters, check out the following tips on home security:

1. Keep valuables invisible and inaccessible.

As much as possible, remove all the expensive and thief-sensitive items, and make the house look like an unappealing target. Keep cars inside the garage and stash your valuables through creative places (i.e., in a secret hiding place disguised as an air vent in the wall). Keep windows or blinds closed and install curtains or reflective films to prevent valuables from being visible.

2. Use physical barriers to prevent unwanted access to home and property.

Ensure that doors and windows are locked. You may also plant thorny or prickly shrubs especially near the windows. Build a tall, sturdy fence around the yard. Use security doors, steel bars, and other locking devices as another layer of protection.

3. Use lights and sounds to your advantage.

Ensure that the house is well-lighted. If you have more budget, consider installing motion-sensitive security lighting and sound alarms on strategic locations.

4. Get home network security.

You can now watch your house while you are away using the web-enabled home-security camera. Kinetic Secure by Windstream provides internet security at the gateway level and on the go. Not only that, Kinetic Secure also provides layered protection across devices for your wireless modem and your network connection. It protects you and your family against identity theft. Get Kinetic Secure and protect your home from intruders!

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