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Amazon Black Friday Deals

Pick Up the Amazon Echo Device You’ve Always Wanted with These Amazon Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is rapidly approaching soon and many retailers are offering amazing deals on their products. Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world, and they have an ever-expanding product line to go along with their already solidified brand. The Amazon Echo device is a smart speaker that enables you to perform a wide range of automated tasks and functionalities simply using your voice. 


Since its first release, Amazon has rolled out several versions of the Echo speaker. Each generation builds on the innovation and design of the previous one to provide you with even more seamless control over all of your favorite IoT-enabled or smart devices. 


If you’ve been waiting on a sale for your chance to pick up an Echo device, now is the time. Keep reading to learn about the best deals on some of the most popular Echo devices below. 


Best Amazon Echo Black Friday Deals You Can Buy! 


#1 Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 is patterned after a tablet and comes packed with all of the features of its lesser Echo counterparts plus more. The Echo Show boasts popular streaming apps like Prime Video, CNBC, and NPR. You can also access content platforms like Audible and Spotify through the interface of the Echo Show 5. It’s originally $89.99 but you can pick it up this Black Friday for only $45*. 


#2 All-new Echo (4th Gen 

The Echo 4th generation is a powerful little device that allows you to play music in multiple rooms while also enjoying the benefits of hands-free calling. The 4th generation echo also comes packed with integrated security features that make it easy for you to keep your private information protected at all times. It’s originally $99.99 but you can pick it up on Black Friday for only $69.99*. 


#3 All-new Echo Dot (4th Gen) | Smart speaker with clock and Alexa

The new 4th generation Echo Dot w/ Alexa & clock is equipped with a slew of entertainment options such as SXM, Amazon Music, and more. You can also access a ton of smart home apps like Philips HUE to easily control the lighting pattern in your home. It’s originally $59.99 but you can pick it up this Black Friday for only $38.99*. 



For those that have had an Amazon Echo device on their wish list for a long time, now is the perfect time to pick one up while the company has an amazing Black Friday deal going on. Visit the official Amazon site to explore all of the deals I mentioned above. 


*Prices and offers may vary and are subject to change.

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