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ID Theft Protection

The Best Identity Theft Monitoring & Protection Services You Should Use in 2021

Keeping your personal information safe and protected in today’s age of digital surveillance is of the utmost importance. Identity theft is a significant problem that even the government is struggling to gain control over due to the rapid increase in the crime’s frequency over recent years. In the year 2016, there were an estimated 15 million identity fraud cases reported to federal agencies. Those 15 million reported cases resulted in an approximate loss of $16 billion dollars for the victims. 

Those numbers have significantly increased over the years due to a variety of factors related to social economics and more. Data breaches affecting large companies is also something that has been contributing to the increase in identity theft over recent years. Identity thieves target anything they can get their hands on, including passports, medical records, credit reports, and more. 

To protect yourself from being victimized by identity theft, you need to sign-up for a trusted identity protection service. While there are free identity protection services available through the federal government at, none of them compare to the security gained by paying for dedicated identity theft protection. 

Top Identity Theft & Protection Services For 2020

Below, we’re going to list the best identity theft protection services that you can start using today to protect your personal information from criminals. Keep in mind, each of the services we mention below offers varying levels of identity protection depending on what you’re looking for. 

#1 IdentityForce- $99/yr.

IdentityForce is a powerful & intuitive identity protection service that safeguards your private information from every angle. When you sign-up, you’ll gain access to a visual display that allows you to view how your credit score has changed over time. IdentityForce also monitors the following: public record information changes, arrest and court records, and address changes. IdentityForce monitors all three major credit bureaus and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. 

#2 Complete ID- $19.99/mo.

Complete ID is a powerful credit monitoring tool that generates annual reports from all three major agencies. You’ll also receive monthly credit reports and have access to a graph which shows you how much progress you’ve made with your credit over time. Complete ID also checks for any unauthorized use of your social security number. 

#3 ID Watchdog- $164/yr.

ID Watchdog is touted as a “True Identity Protection” service, this is true because ID Watchdog is one of the only identity protection services that helps you recover after being the victim of identity theft. When you sign-up for ID Watchdog, you’ll receive a $1 million identity theft insurance policy. Another great benefit of using ID Watchdog is that you gain access to “Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists” who’ll help you try to recover as much personal information as possible. 

Secure Your Digital Life Today! 

All of these identity theft protection services offer distinct benefits based upon the exact level of protection you’re looking for. Maintaining optimal online security isn’t possible for many people with average technical abilities. By signing up for one of the identity theft protection services listed above, you won’t have to worry about your personal information leaking at all. 

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