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Gresham is considered the second biggest city in the Portland metro region and the fourth largest city in Oregon. The city has grown quickly, establishing itself as a thriving metropolitan hub and offering its citizens and business community a good standard of living. Long-time residents, young professionals, families, and new immigrants make up Gresham’s diversified population.Gresham, OR 97230, also has an active internet supply from Xfinity Comcastservice provider.

In Multnomah County, Gresham is located at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge, and Portland is a nearby city. Gresham offers breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains, and beautiful rivers surround it, and the well-known Mt. Hood is not far away.


Pioneers slept there before arriving in Portland,and the area was known as a campground. Before they possessed a post office and a postal code, the citizens could not officially find the city. In 1884, one of the local shopkeepers agreed to let his establishment act as the post office to benefit his neighborhood. Gresham became a city in 1905. The community got this name in honor of Postmaster General Walter Quinton Gresham.

The Clackamas tribe of the Chinookan peoples constructed their plank-house towns near the numerous streams and rivers around Gresham before the early pioneer immigrants arrived.

European settlers were drawn to the area that would become known as Gresham by the promise of land. Before 1884, Camp Ground or Powell’s Valley—named for one of the earliest pioneer families to establish in the region—were other names for Gresham.

Community Developments

Many Japanese and Japanese Americans (Nisei) who lived in Gresham in the early 20th century were farmers before being forcibly removed to concentration camps under Executive Order 9066 during World War II. Whites inhabited several farms owned or held by Japanese farmers during the war, both in Gresham and other parts of Oregon. Even though some Issei and Nisei decided to settle in Gresham after the war, the Japanese community in East Multnomah County had shrunk and become fragmented, just as in many other West Coast towns.

Gresham saw a population boom after the Springwater Division Rail Line from Portland arrived in 1903. It made the town more appealing to business owners and potential residents and improved the profitability of neighboring farms. Gresham has also become a popular vacation spot for Portlanders seeking a rural getaway. A group of rich businessmen founded the planned vacation village of Ambleside on the train line east of town in 1919 after several bought properties in rural Gresham.

Activities and Entertainment

Excellent hiking and bike paths are found in the area. Only an hour separates several ski areas. There are snowmobile and cross-country skiing options close to Mount Hood. The well-known Nadaka Loop Trail traverses a section of the city. For windsurfers, the neighboring Columbia River Gorge is a well-known destination. Both locals and tourists appreciate the Springwater Trail.

There are several top-notch golf courses in the area, including a championship course with breathtaking vistas of Mount Hood. Locals and visitors in the many nearby rivers engage in sports, including fishing, boating, white water rafting, and water skiing.

The distance to the Pacific Ocean is around one hour. Family picnics are frequent in Oxbow Park, which also offers access to a well-liked nearby river. The park also provides camping.

The picturesque tree-lined alleys and a wide variety of eateries and stores can all be found in the old downtown district. The Gresham Station Shopping Center is a well-liked place to go. Several music events are held in Gresham, and ballet, opera, theatre, and the symphony are all enjoyed by locals and visitors in the adjacent city of Portland.

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Xfinity Service Gresham City in Oregon

Gresham is a city located in Multnomah County, Oregon, in the United States of America, immediately east of Portland, Oregon. It is considered a suburb within the Greater Portland Metropolitan area.
Elevation: 92 m
Area: 61.23 km²
Population: 110000 (2020)
Mayor: Travis Stovall

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