Comcast BusinessComcast offers a business internet plan that allows businesses to access the internet anywhere in the states. So, no matter if you are at an unprecedented place with no internet connectivity, you will have free internet hotspot access via Comcast.

Hence, various businesses are choosing Comcast as their internet service provider. They provide exceptional internet services to keep a small business humming. 

If you are also looking for a reliable service provider, this post is for you! Here in the article, we will mention three main reasons to switch to Comcast Business Internet.

  1. Fast and Reliable Bandwidth

Comcast is a continually mounting footprint that extends 29 regional networks in 39 states. Whether it is cafeterias, restaurants, or metro stations, you can locate Comcast at all places. Hence, you can rest assured that you will have access to active internet connections, no matter where you are.  

It has a reliable connection with its far-reaching high-speed internet. You will be glad to know that Comcast provides fiber optic of 600,000 and an HFC cable network for better speed. As a result, it provides amazing upload and download speed (up to 1 Gig) to its customers irrespective of their chosen plan.

The network is privately owned, hence suitable for all businesses. Besides, Comcast offers high bandwidth to its customers to make it available to their guests without any hassle.

  • Amazing plans and Add-Ons

Whether you have ten employees or more in your Company, Comcast Business Internet offers affordable B2B and B2C plans for its clients. Moreover, all the plans have a no data caps policy. 

You can select the plan based on your data requirements and the add-ons you require. Apart from choosing Comcast for your business internet, you can choose it for your business phone and TV.

You can combine add-ons with any of your plans. The add-ons include

  • Connection Pro: Keep your business running even when the power/Internet goes off. It provides a 4G/LTE wireless internet connection for 8 hours.
  • Wi-fir Pro: Offer unlimited and uninterrupted internet to your customers. Additionally, it offers Wi fi management and guest insights.
  • SecurityEdgeTM: Saves your business from cyber-attacks and provides solutions for common threats and scans. It does not need any additional setup but has a personalized dashboard for showing threats in real-time.

Pricing Plans for Comcast Business Cable Internet 

Plan Starting Price Download Speed
Starter Internet $69.95* 35Mb/PS
Business Internet 100 $109.99* 100 Mbps
Business Internet 200 $134.99* 200 Mbps
Business Internet 300 $164.99* 300 Mbps
Business internet 600 $232.99* 600 Mbps
Business Internet Gig $339.99* 1 Gig

*The pricing plans may vary

All the Pricing Plans Include:

  • Free professional installation with modem 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee in the trial period
  • Comcast business apps for both iOS and Android 
  • Static IP addresses for advanced functions
  • Smart Office Products

Increasing your business productivity is not limited to the management of your employees but the internet also. With Comcast business Internet, you get smart office products to keep up with your workplace’s security and management. 

Comcast Business internet can get your workers on the phone and keep your patrons occupied with the voice and TV bundles apart from proving high-speed internet service. In addition, it offers intelligent video monitoring and storage to keep an eye on your office from anywhere in the world.

Final Words

Want to improve your business performance, security, and network integration, then Comcast business Internet is a nice solution to try. You can also avail the benefits of a free trial today!

It offers quality and is worth the price’s services. Additionally, you can access tools from a single Cloud solution web portal. 

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