Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is fast becoming the network configuration product of choice for business internet. It’s a relatively new technology, however, aimed at adapting to the challenges of millions of homes, mobile devices, and offices that connect to the internet through broadband 24/7, and the domination of cloud computing, so it’s understandable if your business internet hasn’t yet made the switch. The benefits of SD-WAN listed here might just change your mind.

First, What Is SD-WAN?

To better understand how Software-defined Wide Area Network is becoming such a popular and effective solution for business internet, it’s best to define it starting with a breakdown of the acronyms of SD-WAN. WAN (Wide Area Network) denotes any telecommunication network used to relay information over a large geographical area between computerized devices. It’s a Wide Area Network that allows organizations to function across wide expanses, when otherwise their connection would be limited in reach by regional boundaries. Up until recently, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) and broadband have been the connectivity solution of choice for WAN to manage the increasing amount of online traffic, with MPLS considered the best for speed augmentation and security. But the advent of SaaS applications and cloud adoption globally has exposed inadequacies in MPLS, and that along with the added expense of MPLS have led to the need for more in-depth innovation with business internet. That’s where the SD part comes in.

SD-WAN is a different mechanism of using a Wide Area Network in that it separates the network control from any hardware and makes it available as software, hence the name “Software-defined”. It also doesn’t require getting rid of any existing business internet network solutions, as its centralized control functionality provides security and intelligent steering of online traffic to various sites efficiently with the necessary adjusted bandwidth. 

Benefits Of SD-WAN For Business Internet

Since business internet is much more expensive than residential internet, the first consideration to take into account is the fact it is lower in cost than other solutions, like what is charged for security with MPLS. But there are numerous others that would take entire pages to list. Here are just a few of the best of them:

Optimized Performance For WAN 

SD-WAN business internet offers faster connection through several high-bandwidth WAN links simultaneously. Your business internet is also improved by SD-WAN’s use of A.I. to manage traffic flow by re-routing to the best functioning links available, which boosts maximum capacity and UX for several of the most popular business applications today.

End-To-End Encryption

Security infiltrations of business internet systems have been increasing dramatically since 2017. SD-WAN offers a solution that doesn’t sacrifice UX or connectivity. That’s because it is designed with encrypted end-to-end tunnels throughout the network, making it secure and able to be modified with even more security applications, if the user sees fit.

Resilient Against Downtime

The use of multiple network links improves reliability, as well. The way an operator can personalize that mixture creates a backup that practically eradicates downtime. This keeps your business internet – and business overall – running smoothly.

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