Comcast Fiber Internet and Comcast HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) Internet

Have you ever wondered why these cable wires vary in size when you see them in the streets? Both fat and thin wire, right? Some say that the fat wire is used for high voltage and much extreme power source of use while the thin one is used for households. But that is not the case. They are called Comcast Fiber Internet line and Comcast HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) Internet wire, and here’s the difference between the two cables.

Comcast Fiber Internet

Generally speaking, we all know that fiber optic cables are fast transmitting and good to use for your internet connection. You are considered lucky if it’s available in your area. A single fiber optic is made of glass or plastic, and they deliver a very speed and steady internet connection to your office or home. But, some fiber internet cables are so sensitive when bent and easy to break when mishandled. The main difference between a normal fiber internet and a Comcast fiber internet is that it connects medium-sized businesses and households through their Comcast Business brand.

It is also believed that fiber optic connections are more likely can reach beyond Giga speeds or more than 1,000 Mbps. The signals received by fiber connections are through the use of laser pulses to produce one and zero-the most basic units of data. Here are why Comcast Fiber Internet is the best for your internet plan.

  • High production rates. Fibers are capable of transmitting data fast enough that it is conveying utilizing electric and light pulses. As it is a light-based signal, fibers can be transferred to a whopping 1 billion laser light per second.
  • Immunity. The noise factor won’t affect the performance of the internet through fiber optic because it literally sends electric and light pulses that any noise and light cannot damage and shake exemption.
  • Size and flexibility. The size of fibers is naturally thin and small, and it can be passed through some tiny holes and high places without breaking them.

Comcast HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) Internet

HFC is optic fiber and coaxial cable combined generally used by operators since the 1990s. HFC can handle a huge amount of data compared to a coaxial cable, making it more advisable for companies and businesses. It also has a higher bandwidth that interacts with the flow of the data to its users. HFC also has higher efficiency than a normal fiber internet and coaxial cable. 

Comcast HFC Internet also is reliable and highly durable that can work just the same work a fiber connection can do. The headend of the HFC is made of fiber cable, while the coax act as the customer’s end. HFC is best for distributing videos, telephony, voice data, and other interactive usefulness with the help of both fiber and coax cables. Some preferred using HFC because of:

  • High-quality. Its high-quality performance without compromising the cost of its service.
  • High-frequency. The high-frequency value that it can support is superb.
  • Two-Cables. It has a separate connection between fiber and coaxial cable networks, making it consistent for usage.
  • Firm. Like fiber cable, HFC also is responsible for outwitting disruptions because of its high tolerance to noise and shake immunity.

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