CenturyLink Internet Service Options

Finding an affordable internet service that Is able to meet your bandwidth needs can be challenging. With so many companies offering “flat-rate” prices on internet services, it can be hard to tell which ones can be trusted and can’t. A lot of internet companies will promise their customers that their current bill amount will always be the same as long as they have the service, however often times those same companies will increase their customers’ bill over time.

With CenturyLink Internet, you never have to worry about paying more than your initial bill amount for quality service. CenturyLink offers an array of internet packages that are specially designed to fit the needs of virtually everyone. Regardless of how much speed and bandwidth you need, CenturyLink has the perfect internet service option for you at an affordable price.

CenturyLink is great for those who use multiple internet-connected devices or for individuals who use lots of bandwidth for streaming. CenturyLink Internet is priced with locked-in rates that stay the same regardless of how long you use the service. CenturyLink Internet prices never increase due to excessive usage or bandwidth limitations so you can surf the internet freely and uninterrupted.

CenturyLink Internet offers four main service options which are designed to give you the power to explore content as your own speed.

 CenturyLink Internet Service Options:

·         Plan- Price for Life 20/Download Speed-up to 20Mbps/Price-$49/mo.

·         Plan- Price for Life 80/Download Speed-up to 40-80Mbps/Price-$49/mo.

·         Plan- Price for Life 100/Download Speed-up to 100-140Mbps/Price-$49/mo.

·         Plan- Price for Life 1GB/Download Speed-up to 1GBs/Price-$65/mo.

 All of the internet service plans listed above come with price for life protection which means that you’ll always pay the same amount for internet each month. CenturyLink makes it easy to get reliable internet speeds that allow you to enjoy all of your favorite TV shows, movies, and more at an affordable price.

 CenturyLink Price for Life 1GB internet takes things to a new level by delivering sonic internet speeds using cutting-edge fiber-optic technology. CenturyLink Price for Life 1GB operates on a secure fiber-optic network which allows you to stream content at rates of up to 1000Mbps. With that kind of speed, buffering Netflix movies and multiplayer games online will be a thing of the past.

 CenturyLink Internet provides affordable pricing options and reliable service to anyone who needs to stay connected. If you’re interested in signing up for CenturyLink Internet, visit the website to order service online or via the phone.